Working from Home through Covid and Beyond

At the clinic over the past 9 months since we became operational again, we have seen a steady stream of people coming in with issues presented through working from home. The basis of the change to people’s lives working from home involve a mixture of the following:

Laois Physiotherapy Clinic
  1. Reduced organic movement (movement that occurs naturally) through the fact that our bed and our workstation are dramatically closer to each other than they previously were. Also, we are unable to move to meet our colleagues within the office space or move to printers / stores etc that would normally happen in the office environment.
  2. Our seated position and equipment may not be optimal – many people have simply sat on a kitchen chair and using the kitchen table. This as a short-term solution to an unplanned movement of our office environment was ok but needs to be upgraded in many situations to allow better postural well being longer term which it now seems is quite likely.
  3. In some instances, we have seen people set up in dark unused corners of the house lacking space, light and fresh air supply. Maximising the natural light and air supply within your workspace as well as having appropriate area to work in leads to improved mood/health long term.
  4. Working at home can lead to isolation. People need to work on their sociability through work and through their personal lives to aid and enhance their sense of connectivity and worth.
  5. Lack of movement can lead to physical pain issues. People need to take opportunities to move more. Commute time can be used in this regard to ensure good physical health. Strategies to manage your time so that work gets done and does not take over your day (it can be hard to leave work when work happens at home!) as well as having a good home balance are very important to work on.

All in all, our job is to restore your physical well-being and provide structured and well identified ways to ensure your ability to work from home and maintain the balances in your life that are necessary for your physical well-being. Please pick up the phone and make an appointment if you feel we can help.